Entrepreneurship Thought : Instagram’s Success – Execution is King

A few days ago, I ranted here that I was growing increasingly annoyed with Talkers, and today, a prime example of Doers with a success story appears. The Blogosphere has been buzzing about Instagram’s purchase by Facebook for a valuation of USD $ 1Billion. This is indeed an amazing success for them. There are a few valuable entrepreneurship lessons that can be drawn from this but one of the most important ones to me is – Execution is King – inspired by this article from TNW.

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3 Reasons To Know When To Quit Your Job – Entrepreneurship Guide


Last month, I decided to quit my cushy job and go full-time into building both myself and my array of companies. Most of them have been under wraps for quite a while, as I have been servicing a small number of clients not having the need or motivation to look for more. This was particularly derived from the fact that I had a nice monthly paycheck from my current employer and thus entered into a comfort zone for about a year, and truth be told, it made me sick just thinking of how complacent I had become. So I decided to tender my resignation and risk it all. The psychology behind this was to give me the much needed kick I needed to achieve the goals I had always set for myself and not be complacent. Here’s the thought process that led me down this path :

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