glutton is an Archivalist Application aimed at creating a local archive of GIF files from elected Subreddits. It is also a selfish endeavor to consume continually.

It is important to note that glutton is not meant to be pretty, complete or even legible. Its sole purpose is to serve my personal wants and needs while teaching me the basics of Go, alng with acting as a refresher for many concepts I’ve not had a chance to apply in a long time.

This post provides some background and architectural explanations behind how I brought glutton to life and will serve as an additional reference to the wiki that exists within the Github repo and will aim to articulate some of the reasonings behind my design decisions.

NOTE: This is a “Live” Document. Read here for more details…

Table of contents

References and/or Inspiration:

  • Reddit API

JSON · reddit/reddit Wiki · GitHub

javascript - How to extract url data from Reddit API using JSON - Stack Overflow

Analysing reddit data - part 2: extracting the data

How do I download Gfycat .mp4s through Python? : gfycat

Change Notes:

  • 24th March 2017 - Added some references that turned up on Reddit’s and Gfycat’s API. This makes life easier!
  • 24th March 2017 - Created the first frame of the page