Writing a Review – Looking Back to Look Ahead

Writing A Review - Looking Back to Look Ahead

I stopped writing publicly for a while.

Its probably because I’ve been so mentally engaged in consuming and applying, that I haven’t had the time to reflect and review, and more importantly create.

Over the past 18 months (ending Oct 2016), I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to help form and rapidly grow a boutique AdTech and MarTech Consultancy serving some of Australia’s largest Enterprises (NOTE: Details on my LinkedIN as usual). Growing a service business was an interesting shift as compared to my usual product-type Organisation but a welcomed one.

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Do you define poverty ? Understanding the Hydra …

Understanding the Hydra

To slay it, one must first understand it.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Hydra was a serpent-like monster who’s lair was the murky waters of Lerna. It served as a guard to the entrance of the Underworld and the legend of its poisonous breath and blood was widely known.

What made the Hydra so interesting was that it was virtually impossible to kill. It had 9 heads, one of which was immortal, and slaying any of the heads would result in two more appearing.

I liken ‘poverty’ to the Hydra. Here’s why…

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Recognizing Comfort Zones

Image Courtesy of jbrid


I’m feeling recursive. Are you?

This is going to serve as another quick write for 2 reasons: 1) I haven’t written anything in a while and 2) I need to allocate some time towards developing more serious posts and honestly I haven’t done it – so I felt its important to at least start putting some information out there and eventually circling back to it.

Comfort Zones.

How do I define it ?

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Why “ Growth Hacking ” is a bullshit fad

Why "growth hacking" is a bullshit fad - Image courtesy of molhoingles.com/o-que-e-fad/

I tend to roll-eyes when someone introduces themselves as a “ Growth Hacker ” or for that matter say – we are looking to do “ Growth Hacking “

Why ?

Because its a fad.

Simple as that.

Good marketers think marketing, great marketers think growth.

Growth is an all encompassing, holistic role and marketing is merely a subset of the overall plane.

Here’s how you visualise it :

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Twitter is not your Landing Page

Today, through a share by Andrew Chen, I stumbled upon an article written and published on the Atlantic with a rather disturbing title and a (I felt) rather unfair conclusion on Twitter as a platform.

“Apps don’t pay my rent. A website does.” and “it is quantitatively not a good deal for The Atlantic.” were among the quotes that compelled me to take a moment to write this response to Derek – the author of the article.

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Malaysia – Migration is not the Answer

This is not the end, it has only just begun.

My grandfather came to Malaysia many years ago with the British Army. It was called Malaya then and we were still under Communist rule. We were a beautiful country at the time, worth protecting and worth fighting for, and he like many of his colleagues, did exactly that. His story however had a sweeter ending. Not only did he grow fond of this new land, he also fell in love, head over heels, truly, madly, deeply. My grandmother, a local girl accepted his proposal and hand in marriage and he decided to make Malaysia his new home. He brought up his kids and worked his way up to lead a simple, yet full and contented life.

My grandfather passed away many years ago, but his warmth and smile still fills the room when we gaze upon his portrait. Till today I wonder, what it would have been like to uproot his entire life and move to a new land, a new home with a new family. What made him truly believe that Malaysia was the land that was right for him and more importantly, his family ? Continue reading…

Bypass MY Internet Censorship – Step by Step

Today, I have lost faith in my Government.

When everyone else asked, I merely answered – “because I don’t subscribe to Political Ideologies, Capitalism is my God” but today, that last line has been crossed. The current Malaysian regime has decided to not only monitor but actively block and filter content on the Internet from the general public and to me, this is where I draw the line.

Based on research and confirmation from a few trusted sources, I can safely confirm that some of the leading ISPs in Malaysia are blocking Facebook pages and Youtube videos that are politically unfavorable to the ruling party – Barisan Nasional. The Opposition – the Democratic Action Party (DAP) seems to be the primary victim here although there are instances where other related content such as interviews and speeches are part of this Internet censorship.

Here is the current list of pages determined to be blocked :



Among some of the videos that are being blocked or removed :

Source : Lowyat.Net

Here is how you can bypass the Internet Censorship in Malaysia :

0) Use Web Proxies
I have deployed two open proxies for you on the web so you can open any blocked webpage or video on the go without changing anything on your PC/Tablet/Phone

a) http://openinternet.brianritchie.me  OR  http://bit.ly/nocensormy

b) http://nocensor.brianritchie.me  OR  http://bit.ly/nocensormy2

If this fails, use the following :

1) Facebook Security settings

If you enable HTTPS Secure Browsing on Facebook, you will be able to load those pages without any issues –

To turn on secure browsing (https):

a) Go to your Security Settings page ( > Account Settings > Security)
b) Click on the Secure Browsing section
c) Check the box provided and save your changes

2) Use the Google DNS on your laptop where possible

Full details and Step by Step Instructions by Google for Windows, Mac, Linux and your Home Routers :


3) Use Youtube Video Proxies

Use Youtube Video Proxies that are available online to watch Blocked/Slow Loading Videos :

a) http://www.hidemyass.com/youtube-proxy/
b) http://www.proxfree.com/youtube-proxy.php

4) Use a VPN

Using an Encrypted VPN Service and tunnelling all your network traffic through it should help you bypass the amateur blocking done by Malaysian ISPs.

Providers I have tested before :

a) BolehVPN – http://bolehvpn.net/
b) Private Internet Access – https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/
c) Mullvad – http://mullvad.net/en

NOTE : If you are a Media Agent or Political Activist and have been affected by this censorship OR need help getting through to certain sites to spread factual content over the Internet, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the links on this blog. I will be glad to sponsor VPNs and my skills where applicable for you and your Team to ensure that you get the good word out.

5) Look out for Direct Download Links to Videos that have been blocked :

Here is one by a Lowyat Forumer


Source: Lowyat.net


This document on Google Docs : http://goo.gl/ZC1Cn

This document on Scribd : http://www.scribd.com/doc/139009035/Bypass-Malaysian-Internet-Censorship-Step-by-Step

Please spread this far and wide to all within your network.

Malaysia : It is time for change. Too long we have remained silent, too long we have been oppressed. This is our Country. This is our Malaysia. United We Stand.

Lateral Growth or The Mere State of Being

The state of just being.

Too often I pondered and wondered upon the profoundly audacious goals that most people set on the movements or organizations or meetups or communities or countries they are part of. It sometimes seems to me that the sole purpose of such goals is not the goal itself but instead the effect or the expected outcome of the goal and its impact on the people surrounding it. Continue reading…