Brian Ritchie


Cryptopals WriteUp - Set 1 Challenge 1 - Converting hex to base64

To provide the reader with my solution to the Cryptopals Set 1 Challenge 1 which was achieved by using GoLang

Archiving Bookmarks against Link rot - Part 1

Link rot affects all of us - and tends to strike at the worst possible time. In this artcile I cover how I plan to tackle this problem

DMP 101 - Data Activation Explained

This post aims to broadly explain the Data Management Platform's (DMP) role in activating data and how to evaluate that capability as an potential Client Organization.

glutton - Learning Go by Doing

_**glutton**_ is an Archivalist Application written to download GIFs from Reddit. This post provides some background and architectural explanations behind how I brought Glutton to life.

Long Form Content Blog Posts - A Practical Guide

This post is a summary of all the tips, tricks and tactics I'm using to produce long form content at more frequent intervals.

Hugo SEO - A Step by Step Optimization Guide

This post is step by step guide of the tips, tricks and tactics I'm using to optimize Hugo for SEO.

Site Migration - Requirements to Host a Compliant Blog

In this blog post, I cover what the current compliance requirements for hosting a blog are and how the rising costs of my previously underperforming blog instigated a migration.

Writing a Review – Looking Back to Look Ahead

I stopped writing publicly for a while. This was primarily due to the exhilarating ride I've had recently as Head of Consulting and an amateur climber...

Do you define poverty ? Understanding the Hydra…

Poverty has continued to exist through time, infecting more and more of the populace. I liken 'poverty' to the Hydra. Here's why...

Recognizing Comfort Zones

How do I define comfort zones ? The very moment you are able to take a step back and answer these questions in the affirmative - you are in a comfort zone.