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Here’s some stats
Total Companies scaled for growth: 4+
Total Valuation post involvement: USD $170M
Industries scaled: Transportation & Travel, Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising, Fashion
Industries Advised/Worked: Finance & Banking, Operational Research, Construction

Background and Experience

Brian Ritchie graduated with his Diploma in Software Engineering at the age of 14 and went on to pursue Actuarial Mathematics and Economics.

He is an all-rounder. Having had experience ranging from Investment Banking, Business Intelligence and Data analytics to Marketing, Product management, DevOps, Group Operations &Transformation, Venture Capital and Startup and beyond, he is capable of leading and delivering C-Level strategy and implementation.

Brian Ritchie has worked in a multi-country, multi-lingual environment ranging from fast-growing developing nations like Malaysia and Singapore to more mature, dynamic markets like Australia, United States of America and Canada. He is currently involved in growth and operations spanning Europe, LATAM and Asia particularly UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.

Being able to extract vast amounts of information strategically using data mining, predictive analysis and custom frameworks developed personally, he has been able to provide insights and help shape the planning and implementation of huge projects including being involved with Financial Group General Ledger Management Systems all the way to developing and deploying Business Intelligence Dashboards to facilitate greater data driven decision making.

Brian was awarded the academic Presidential Merit Award for being one of the Top 10% of the country. He was also won a runner-up Award for the Best Student Leader at the University of Michigan.

Fun Fact #1: Brian was named after Lionel Richie

Fun Fact #2: He was picked as one of Malaysia’s most gifted children at the age of 3. He was able to perform Primary school level math at that age.

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