Wordpress users have it good, a plugin here and shortcode there and VOILA! SEO Done! (Well, the basics at least).

I wanted to replicate some of that capabilities and optimize Hugo for SEO in a similar manner.

This post is a compilation of the tips, tricks and tactics I’m using to get Hugo from on-page SEO-capable to SEO-enabled in a similar manner to how plugins like Yoast assist in improving the overall search engine and user experience for Wordpress.

It is important to note that - like all things SEO, the recommendations presented in this document will continue to evolve as I continue to improve this site and learn new tricks. Old dogs sometimes take a while, as you know…

NOTE: This is a “Live” Document (What does this mean?)

Table of contents

What is Structured Data?

Why Schema.org?

Change Notes:

  • 17th March 2017 - Started this frame on the 12th and extended today but I’ve yet to spend some time on this. Might be worth exploring sooner rather than later.