Earlier today, I retweeted a blog post written by Derrick Ko, an acquaintance of mine who is now in KickSend about an open letter to Angel’s Gate. I have a disclaimer to make. When I retweeted and shared this on Facebook, I have yet to have watched a single episode of the Reality TV show and this bothered me all evening especially since one of the Angel’s is a 2nd Level connection of mine. So much so that I decided to dedicate a few hours of my time to actually watching the entire set of episodes they have uploaded thus far and I now feel that I need to get some truth out about the show and my feelings about it


Let me begin by humbly apologizing to the Angels for having misconceptions about the show up till now. While I still am not necessarily a fan of Reality shows, and have been vocal about defending the rights of Entrepreneurs against bad Angels, this however is not the case here. About 80% of the Entrepreneurs who appeared on the show just plain sucked and I mean they were just horrible. Down to earth horrible. There is no two ways about it. There is no ambiguity.

I find it absolutely hilarious that people would step up on stage, ask for cash and have not even bothered to do their due diligence. This is the age of the Internet. Everything is made available to you via algorithmic search engines that work around the clock. How is it possible that these so-called “Entrepreneurs” have the nerve to walk up on stage, and ask for funding without a single, solid researched number still baffles me. If I were an Angel, I would have agreed to do the show if they allowed me to swear on set just so I could say “GTFO” to most of them.

If this is what I am competing with in Malaysia and Singapore, then I think I am pretty set to go with funding. There is one exception in the show and yes the Angels did highlight it with Chef Yogesh who is also an acquaintance of mine. I still maintain that the best pitch I have seen so far in the region is by Min Xuan from Playmoolah. I had a chance to watch her do her magic during Echelon 2011 and am still amazed. If you want to carry a title such as Entrepreneur, CEO, CTO or whatever other glamourous title you think is cool and hip nowadays with the ladies or men around, then get your numbers right and your pitch tight or GTFO.