Any campaign, every campaign in fact needs to have a soul. It needs to have something relatable. Something of personality.

Think of it like a child. It needs to be nurtured. It needs to be thought of and planned for. It needs to be guided towards paths that seem more likely to lead to infinitely better posibilities.

Sure, there’s a fast track. Just like any child has. But do so with the full realization of where it leads and more importantly the consent of the child.

Trying to copy, compare and just apply what works for others in the hopes of replicating success tends to choke the life and freedom away from a living being. It is within our capabilities as humans and more importantly as children to embrace the world of infinitum and cultivate our hunger and passion for whatever we deem worthy to receive that love and care.

That’s how you should always think of a campaign. The results on the Report Card doesn’t matter as much as what the kid wants to do and why he/she believes those results will eventually lead him/her there.

So the next time you need to plan a campaign, think of it as a child. You’ll suddenly realize what makes the cut and what doesn’t.