Cutting Corners.

Its always easier to take the shorter route. Its always easier to give excuses. Its always easier to compromise values.

As opposed to …

Taking the correct route. Doing what’s right when needed. Not compromising on values.

Sadly, most of the people out there tend to prefer the dilution of their inner self to the nurturing of what seems like a distant reality.

Because of this, the world around you suffers. Things that you complain about, things that annoy you, make your life miserable even, seem to be the accepted norm, not because its what everyone else wants, but instead, its because, someone somewhere decided, its just easier to go this way for now. Why bother ? Why even try ? After all, the mantra says – Done is better than Perfect. Lets shield ourselves behind that to mask the inadequacies of the results we produce.

Don’t compromise. Ever.