Recognizing Comfort Zones by Brian Ritchie


I’m feeling recursive. Are you?

This is going to serve as another quick write for 2 reasons:

  1. I haven’t written anything in a while, and
  2. I need to allocate some time towards developing more serious posts and honestly I haven’t done it - so I felt its important to at least start putting some information out there and eventually circling back to it.

Comfort Zones.

How do I define it ?

‘Comfort Zones’ to me is a lull. Its a zone where you are sort of chugging along and things are working out BUT you are able to stop, take a step back and ask yourself – Is this it? Am I doing the best I can? What’s next?

The very moment you are able to take that step back and answer those questions in the affirmative – you inherently have lulled yourself into a comfort zone.

.. Hold on for a moment though ..

This goes in complete opposite to a lot of the Zen, self development teachings that I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble upon and/or read. Most teachings encourage the ability to be completely present and ‘in the moment’ which loosely translates to NOT taking a step back, not asking yourself what’s next but instead to fully immerse yourself in this very second. To absorb the world around you, to just be.

This got me thinking that perhaps, to frame it through one of my all time favourite quotes –