I have recently been pushing myself to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The first thing I’ll admit to everyone out there is that it isn’t easy. In fact, its one of the hardest things you can imagine. I cheat just to take a break from the intensity. A word that comes synonymous with this so called way of life.

Why do I seem to be emphasizing the fact that fitness is somehow something holier than the norm. Something that deserves more special attention than everything else we do. Simple. Because at times all it appears to be is plain torture. Imagine yourself involuntarily depriving yourself of food and tasty beverages. Imagine causing your body so much pain[

]1  and stress that all it wants to do is give in and fall to the ground, destroyed, as if a war has been waged and you were clearly the fallen. Imagine pushing your boundaries to limits you never knew existed only to realize there is much much more to be achieved.[


This is why I find it annoying when products or solutions that promote a healthy and fit lifestyle claim that all you need to do is workout for 3 mins or listen to ramblings of someone in the hopes that your body will somehow react and shed those pounds automagically. One of the recent mantras that has been echoing with me is simple – Stick to the Fundamentals. I can’t emphasize this enough. We as humans were born to run. We were made to hunt and scour the terrain in search for food, shelter and protection. What made us think that we could go from couch to iron man without any effort at all.

Everything requires effort. Everything. Start today. Start now.