I find it interesting when I hear people dismissing higher education on a whim, what now with the dawn of young successful Technopreneurs. What they fail to realize is, college offers more than just education. There is a a reason why Stanford or MIT or Harvard or most top tier schools have a stringent admission process and it goes beyond that form you fill or that essay you write.

What college offers you is the ability to be in a melting pot of culture, and thought and action. In essence college is a place of revolution and enlightenment but not merely physically, but where it matters the most, in your mind. You meet different people and learn different things, and mature the process of thought and confidence in your mind.

You may not need the whole 4 years of Undergraduate or a continuation there beyond, but what you need to realize is the takeaway from it – I have grown. I have developed. Not just physically but mentally and that’s what matters.