Because New Year Goals are too Mainstream

As we approach the new year, I am sure there will be a ton of people out there who begin once again a diligent ritual of setting goals. While I don’t oppose the notion of goal setting, I instead oppose the pseudo significance of placing one day among all other days of the year on the high pedestal of personal achievement.

I instead preach the sermon of constantly challenging one’s self every day of the year, every minute of that day and every second of those very minutes to goals and targets and the further encourage the basking of one’s self in the shiny rays of victory or to cover thy self with craven shame of missing what one has set out to do.

This to me seems like a more valiant way of moving forward. A way in which one day among all the rest is not heralded as one to rule the rest. This to me seems more like the way of a warrior, a hero or perhaps just a better human.

This way forces us to constantly strive for excellence and not attempt to place blame on circumstances that were non-existant then on that one day of the year but suddenly seem to encroach you like a pack of wolves, devouring every ounce of attention you can spare.

This way ensure we consider our constantly evolving surroundings and embrace them within the very targets we force ourselves to achieve. We endure we move forward with the best possible outcome instead of just barraging through without considering any other element in our life.

This way we don’t cheat. We don’t stray and yet we remain focused on a singular aim every waking day that greets us and review of our achievements every night before we set to slumber within our chambers.

So this year, my only suggestion, is for you to forsake that very tradition you hold deep within your heart. Do as I did for the year 2012. Forget about setting goals at the very beginnning of the year but instead focus on setting goals every waking moment of your life and you’ll find that achieving them suddenly becomes all the more possible.