I’ve recently been wondering about what really differentiates us humans. Why do we adore some and not others. What is the one thing that drives us to indirectly benchmark everything around us.


Different – Image courtesy of TimOve

Lets first come to terms with this. Some of us admit more openly than others, but we all do it. We all actually take the time to indirectly or directly, actively or passively benchmark everything around us. None of us are completely free from this trap. Its ingrained in us.

But, before we go questioning ourselves, feeling all guilty or even start letting our minds wonder on if you really are that exception to the clause, let me be the first to say, Embrace it. Take it in. Its a natural talent. Learn to accept it for what it is. Its a part of you.

Now back to the main premise of this thought. What really differentiates us. Why are some more or less than others. The current trend dictates that we as a community prefer those who – in our minds – have take the most action in his or her field or niche or industry and left the most dents or largest contribution for that matter. Unmatched, unrivalled by the others until of course eventually, when suddenly, we decide to take that other person to replace this person A because in our mind, somehow, this new person B has become number one and the previous, a close second.

But here’s the thing though, what made us consider their actions in the first place. I mean, why does he qualify and she doesn’t. And of course in some of our minds, we find the most adequate defence for that person we root for, while in some of the other minds, they sway to meet the new trend because they realize, there in their mind, a sudden epiphany appears, causing them to sway for the new person.

Yet again though, we fail to somehow understand, why is it that we choose to associate ourselves to these beings, suddenly giving them a little more loyalty than we would the guy beside us or the average joe down the street. [My thoughts are currently interrupted but, I’ll revisit this premise again when I can]