I’ll admit. I have been slacking. Quite a bit actually. The goal was to produce a ton of content for this site but I must say, failing to do so seems to be the current norm.

I have not been in much of a mood to write recently. Perhaps its the lack of sleep, or perhaps a little too much of it. More importantly, perhaps its the fact that I just concocted that excuse earlier is what is holding me back.

While I prefer to side with Yoda for the most part when he says the following :

Try not, do or do not.

I think this time, I’ll hide in the shadows of Samuel Beckett instead.

Try again, fail again. Fail better.

Yes, it may seem a tad bit craven, but I somehow think the willingness to recognize your mistakes is the first step in fixing it. So until a time I have full control over my habits I will have to keep trying and hopefully I’ll be able to somehow fix myself and so should you.