I wonder what’s out there

Have you ever wondered what’s out there ? In a space where most claim to see and feel and understand but instead, fill with their own filters and lenses.

Have you ever pondered what’s beyond the boundaries set by a force you so fail to comprehend? A force so diligent that it starts working and never stops, instead only tainted by age.

I speak of one all encompassing entity. One that has baffled millions over the years and yet goes without venturing for twice as many.

I speak of the mind.

Yes, something that is taken for granted by many and lay unsharpened for equally a much as well. Something that lays the groundwork for many a wall. Walls so thick, the Black Gates of Mordor pale in comparison.

Walls that are shaded, walls that are jaded, walls that filter one too many and those that let just as many pass through, unfiltered, unchecked.

Have you ever taken a moment ? A moment in time to look back and wonder, why oh why do we do the things we do, say the things we say, think the things we think. A moment to ponder on the limits we have set upon ourselves and why it takes so much effort to surpass those limits we self impose.

Why do we look for reason when encountered with some issues and look for an excuse for the rest ? Have you ever stopped to look back and wonder, how much of civilization is set upon limits imposed upon us ? What about the immediate world around you ? Humans you associate with ? Those you choose not to instead ?

Have you taken the time to wonder a little about the very thing that makes you wonder about wondering ? Ask it what it has in store for you now ? The future ? How it has influenced you in the past and why do you so willingly trust it to do so ? Your very existence is being defined by something you possess within you that has an equally destructive power to make you completely vanish. Cast away by yourself and the rest of soceity.

How do you feel being so powerful, yet powerless at the same time ? Have you ever wondered about wondering ? That’s all I ask.