A New World

I imagine a new world. A world where communities tend to function beyond boundary. Commerce and trade are not limited to bordered taxes. I imagine a world where entertainment is not choked by the greed of some but instead constrained only by the will of many.

I imagine a world where education isn’t a border but instead a common plane of existence. A world where we are not limited by what we know or who we know, but instead by what we do and who we impact.

A world where decisions are made consciously and not through the clutches of the elements around our existence. A world where each and every one of us play an active role and a world where our very destiny can be altered if we deem it so. One where none of us are held back by our mistakes but instead heralded for our victories.

A world where history plays a role to show us that the limited beliefs of some are the only reason why most are held back. A world where intelligence is a norm and stupidity eradicated. A world where each decision we make, has the sole purpose of happiness not just of one but of many. A decision to aid the fate of the greater good and not tarnish one in the process.

I imagine a world where protection and security and safety are things of the past. A world where people understand the repercussions of letting evil crawl up their veins. A world that baffles themselves to understand what is the meaning of ‘war’ for there is no need for such a word in the vocabulary.

A world where the words ‘peace’ and ‘love’ are given first priority in the dictionary for they are concepts foreign to none. A world where ‘superpower’ does not mean a domineering country but instead a concept of fantasy read in graphic novels of the old era.

Among all other things, I imagine a world where people forget sadness and dismay and poverty and grief. I imagine a world where wealth though not necessarily distributed equally but instead, a world where each and every person get more than enough and satisfaction is preached and practiced.

A world where minimum wage does not equal the poverty index but instead means the required amount for each human to stay happy and contended with life. A world where we coexist with our co-inhabitants who we share this planet with.

I imagine a new world. A world with a new dawn. A dawn of a new order. One that is welcomed with open arms.

Welcome to the New World.