Its really hard to decide on what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Generally, speaking to people helps you gain insight on how others tackle this issue and one such person whom I had the chance to speak to was my boss in Mindvalley – Mike Reining. He is an extremely smart entrepreneur, having built Mindvalley alongside his co-founder, Vishen Lakhiani, and before that working at Ebay, BCG and the likes.

One suggestion Mike had was to very simply identify 5 top goals for the year and stick to them no matter what. While his suggestion sounded simple, I sat down to ponder the implications of such a practice and it dawned on me that it was both an extremely powerful motivator and a discipline mechanism for those like me whose mind wanders around seeking to absorb everything in sight. This is because, when you announce your goals, you set in stone for the world to see, what you have committed yourself towards and all that remains is how you achieve it.

This was also framed very well by a colleague of mine in Mindvalley, William Oliver. He basically brought it down to two very simple questions, “What do you want and how do you get there ?”

So to begin this personal revolution in my life, here goes my Top 5 Goals for the Year 2011:

  • To learn Ruby and specifically the Rails Framework
  • To create at least one stream of passive income
  • To learn and deploy high availability systems with ease
  • To make more money in general
  • To improve my attitude in general, taking a more positive outlook