Brian Ritchie

Why 'Growth Hacking' is a bullshit fad

My two cents on why growth hacking is a fad. Good marketers think marketing, great marketers think growth.

Twitter is not your Landing Page

Read my response to an article written and published on the Atlantic with a rather disturbing title and unfair conclusion on Twitter as a platform.

Startup Growth by User Segmentation – Part 1

My recent talk on how Startup growth can be achieved by simple segmentation and lesser spend - Part 1

Malaysia – Migration is not the Answer

Migration is not the Answer. This is a time, perhaps the most important of times, when Malaysia, the land, the country, needs you the most.

Infographic : How to bypass Malaysian Internet Censorship

Here's an Infographic I created on how to bypass Malaysian Internet Censorship

Bypass MY Internet Censorship – Step by Step

Step by Step Instructions on how to bypass the Malaysian Internet Censorship by local ISPs.

Lateral Growth or The Mere State of Being

Instead of the usual double-edged goal setting routine, perhaps its time we embraced a more self aware, lateral growth alternative - The State of Being.

WordPress Migration and Optimization – Phase 1

Migrating my Wordpress blog - To-Dos and Pending Tasks

Zero Downtime – Avoid Social Media Disasters

Bah.. I seem to have slipped